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Why I Make Abstract Art


Here we go. I'm re- emerging as a maker of mostly blue abstract paintings!! Good God I've missed it...

The reason I make abstract artworks more than realism is because it feels so free. I mean really playful, exploratory, and gratifying. Stretching into new ways of expression feels amazing.

I love sharing the original abstract art I've made over the years at SaatchiArt.com, but after exploring the site to see if my work was showing, well, it wasn't!

There's a few reasons. It looks like the mobile format only shows about 20 of the abstract art prints and originals I have available. Also, I was in an exhausted stupor for a few years with CFS/ME. I'm doing better, and have my sights set on better and better and best....

Now, until I can make some new works, and get back into action to get myself more visible again on Saatchi, I'm going to post links here, putting myself at the tender mercies of Google's bots, algorithms, and their overseers. Maybe I should do some Google art... Hmmmm

The painting I'm sharing today is titled Nebula Full Circle. The original is sold, but you can see really high quality art prints to buy here.

earthtone abstract art

This title came from the way the painting feels to me. I really get inspired by Hubble telescope photos, and this one shows it...

Thanks to all for purchasing my art and art prints!!!



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