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Jill Lorraine~artist~writer~designer
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SEO Copy, Content, Sales Writing, Ghostwriting, Fiction & Creative Writing

I will get your projects going, get them finished, and bring you success.

To view my Writing Portfolio at Google Drive, click here

My writing skills include SEO content, SEO product descriptions, Amazon listings, interesting and informative articles, sales copy, ghostwriting, fiction (sci-fi, fantasy, romance and more), song writingpress releases, and writing surveys.

I'm so happy to say I have several 5 star ratings on Upwork.com, and did on Elance as well! My very first creative content ghostwriting gig on Elance, in 2013, brought me $250 for 2500 words.



Currently, my availability is flexible for new contracts; part time, short term or long term. Ready to be at your service! My fees are flexible as well.

Writing professionally for clients is extremely rewarding for me. After addressing some major health issues 2015-2020, and coming back on top, I’m very ready to get rolling again. Helping others succeed, finding the right voice, while helping others communicate and sell is the best!


My writing experience in further detail:

About Us/Me pages, profiles, landing pages, etc

Creative business writing (engaging story for business)

Fiction book writing (romance, sci-fi, fantasy, paranormal/supernatural, espionage and suspense)

Ghostwriting (fiction, non-fiction, health/ medical, business)

Press releases

Presentation and speech writing

Quality research, both internet and interviews

Sales copy in many forms

Reviews for products and videos (only first hand UX)

SEO copy, articles, informational marketing for emails, websites and social media

Titles, tag lines, slogans, zinger call to action prompts



The topics I'm capable in are:

Entrepreneurship, small and corporate business, economics

Fashion and beauty

Health and wellness, including supplements, biohacking

Relationships, dating, marriage and human sexuality

Religion and spirituality

Sciences, including medical, biological (for health professionals), genetics, physics and astrophysics (for sci fi)

Technology, including AI, electronics, smartphone accessories, software, SAAS

Visual arts, including the art market, installation, painting, and sculpture



Even more details:

I can cover a broad range of products, creating actionable taglines, descriptions, and sales copy.

I'm always focused on captivating, inviting, helpful and informative. In marketing, great, emotionalized, call to action words create response and purchase, then keep the desire reoccurring. This continues long after the ad or content is filed away in the mind.

The outcome of what I write motivates, inspires and informs; I create intrigue, fascination, excitement, and desire.

Words need rhythm to capture and keep the attention, then move a person to action.

I am currently finishing a Bachelor's degree in Communications, building my own art brand (fine art, jewelry, apparel, and more), and am available as posted here.

Copy, internet marketing, and developed sales strategies has taken the fine art I create from selling at $300 up to $6000.00 in the past. The sky is the limit!


Communicate what you need and I’ll happily deliver. Thanks much for reviewing my work!


My Writing Portfolio at Google Drive, click here

Please also visit my writing portfolio at Upwork.com


Questions, offers, installments, and milestones are always welcome!

Contact me directly at jill at jill dash lorraine dot com, and I'll get back to you asap (usually within 24 hours).

Fees range from $0.08 - $0.15 per word.

This works out to $80.00 - $150.00 US dollars per 1,000 words.


Ghostwriting for books average fees:

A book at 30,000 words, with outline and research, can range from $2,400 - $4,500 US dollars.

A book at 50,000 words, with outline and research, averages $4,000 - $7,500 US dollars.

A book at 100,000 words, with outline and research, averages $8,000 - $15,000 US dollars.

For 100% fiction story creation, I'm only available as a co-author. If you have a fiction book concept already, with character and story outlines, I'm happy to help build the work as a ghostwriter.

Thanks so much for your interest, contact me anytime!


Commissions are welcome!

I have several designs and concepts outlined for development, including a unique business model. Contributions for the fruition of these projects are greatly appreciated. Matrons and patrons, please contact me for an NDA, an NCA, and more information.

To contact, please email at jill at jill dash lorraine dot com

Thank you for all your support!

For my ghostwriting and copy writing portfolio, please visit my Upwork.com profile.


At this time, donations are not tax deductible.

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