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Check back frequently for new links, there's always more to share! These links are for website building, art, freelancing, and fair trade.

Fair Trade Art and so Much More

Novica.... My favorite for fair trade art.

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Wee Can Too

This awesome company has edible, non toxic art supplies. Yumm!

edible art supplies


A Great Art Supply Store

Utrecht Art.com

Art supplies galore, for painting, drawing, and more....

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Citymax Business Websites


A word about Google: their place in the world of creative types goes without saying, but I'll say it anyhow. They are the only search engine I use, and the only one I focus my "bringing art to market" efforts with. I have one bit of advice: know their rules, play by them, and use Citymax to do this. Using Citimax has made using Google Webmaster Tools and Adwords so much easier, and I am soooo glad for it!


I have several designs and concepts ready for development, including an unprecedented business model. Contributions for the fruition of these projects are greatly appreciated. Matrons and patrons, please contact me for an NDA, an NCA, and more information. Thank you in advance for all your support.

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