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Jill Lorraine~artist~writer~designer
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Abstract Painting 1


black and white abstract art for sale

Galactic Center, acrylic on canvas, 24 x 40.


A painting somewhat similar to this, or any other painting, can be commissioned. Without shipping (USPS Priority Mail, or freight) the cost would be about $850-$6500 USD, depending on size chosen.

I never duplicate paintings exactly, because every work I prefer to be original, and it's the collectors' preference as well! Also, some of the techniques used just don't make room for exact copies.

A down payment of 300.00-700.00 USD is required, depending on size. You can make your down payment on this page.

Completion and shipping time within 3-4 wks. Inquire for expedited time options at

"commissions@jill-lorraine.com ".


All questions welcome; thank you for your interest and thank you for collecting!



 down payment


Commissions are welcome!

I have several designs and concepts outlined for development, including a unique business model. Contributions for the fruition of these projects are greatly appreciated. Matrons and patrons, please contact me for an NDA, an NCA, and more information.

To contact, please email at jill at jill dash lorraine dot com

Thank you for all your support!

For my ghostwriting and copy writing portfolio, please visit my Upwork.com profile.


At this time, donations are not tax deductible.

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